Parents Plus - Parenting when Separated Programme

In the order to address the challenges of parenting when separated, Parents Plus have developed a six week psycho-edcucational course for parents who are preparing for, going through or have gone through a separation or divorce.  Specifically the Parenting when Separated Programme aims to help parents

  1. * Solve co-parenting problems in a positive way that focused on the needs of children.
  2. * Cope with the emotional impact of separation and learn stress management techniques
  3. * Help your children cope with the impact of the separation both emotionally and practically.
  4. * Enhance communication with their children and with their children's other parent

Similar to the previous Parents Plus Programmes, the course comes with a facilitators manual and parent booklet and a facilitator training programme. Click here to see a Presentation on the Programme background and content.
The programme has been positively evaluated in a Large national Randomised Controlled Trial showing significant benefits to those who complete the course

Parents seeking Courses:

Click here to see a List of Some of the Agencies who are running the Parenting when Separted course and who are happy to receive referrals.

Facilitator Training for Professionals:

Parents Plus runs regular Faciliator Training for professionals to run the programme. The Training Introduces participants to the background, content and delivery of the Parenting When Separated course. Price includes full manual and the training is open to professionals previously trained with Parents Plus or who have special experience working with separating families.  See BOOKING FORM


Parents Plus is keen to increase the availabilty of the Parenting when Separated Courses. Please contact us if you are in a position to deliver them or if you are working with legal or court services who are willing to make referrals and/ or establish the course in their location. email